Dr John Devadas

Dr John Devadas

As Senior Hydrogeologist/Engineering Geologist , Golder Associates Consulting India Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon

Sg, Singapore

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    June 2011

    As Senior Hydrogeologist/Engineering Geologist

    Golder Associates Consulting India Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon

    ► Undertake third-party field validation of modeling parameters (probabilistic model developed before to assess water replenishment to groundwater) related to Artificial Aquifer Recharge (AAR) structures including Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) structures in India for Coca-Cola, Atlanta, United States.
    ► Undertake source water vulnerability analysis for bottling plant (beverage industry) in terms of water source, water quantity, environment, community, and social aspects. Simultaneously, reporting vulnerabilities and developing a plan containing specific, pragmatic measures to manage water supply vulnerabilities pertaining to business continuity for Coca-Cola Company, India, Source Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) and Source Water Protection Plan (SWPP) for 10 different franchisee bottling plants in Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, and Haryana States.
    ► Responsible for technical leadership related to mining services in coal, iron ore and other metals. Areas of work include strata control for underground mining, slope stability in opencast mine pits and overburden dumps, and rock behavior in hydro-power projects.
    ► Responsible for observation of pilling works, shaft excavation including changes in strata, boulders, caving and log soil cuttings, test shaft excavation and construction, verification of geotechnical design parameters with actual site condition CSL logging and evaluate the CLS results, and O-cell load testing (Pile load test and Integrity testing), shaft remedial measures and observation logs review of dewatering system at the site at Super nova, Sector 94, Greater Noida, India. It is one of the largest and tallest in this region.
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    June 2011
    December 2009

    As Senior Hydrogeologist/Engineering Geologist

    Tritech Engineering & Testing (Singapore) Pte, Ltd, Singapore

    ► Project D 2008-00667-010: Site characterization of a site at Mandai, Hydrogeological Assessment for Defense Science and Technology Agency.
    ► Contract 9131D Detailed Site Investigation Works for Downtown Line 3 (Section 1): Pumping Test for Land Transport Authority
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    November 2009
    November 2008

    As Senior Geologist / Hydrologist

    Soil Investigation Pte Ltd, Singapore,

    ►Geotechnical Engineering works at MBFC Project: supervising the Bore Pilling and Jet Grouting works.
    ►MBS IR Project: Supervising in soil investigation works, field, in situ tests, instrument installations, monitoring works, and compilation of final reports.
    ► Project manager C487 Marina Coastal Expressway Project Phase-I: Jet Grout Coring, Laboratory Tests on Jet Grout Samples and Report Preparation
    ► Project D/004/09 SO REP’S for Off-shore Soil Investigation off Marina East: 80 Cone Penetration Tests, 15 Boreholes, 5 large diameter Boreholes to determine subsurface Stratigraphy, estimate Geotechnical parameters, and to provide results for direct Geotechnical design for Housing & Development Board.
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    October 2008
    June 2008

    As Senior Geologist / Hydrologist

    International Ground Water Technologies Pte. Ltd, Singapore.

    ► LTA CCL3 Project: Contract 855 Cornwall Garden (WSA JV), management in soil drilling, soil testing, instrument installation and monitoring, installation of dewatering wells, monitoring and pumping test for Land Transport Authority
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    June 2008
    January 1999

    Department of Geology, Andhra University, India As a Principal Investigator (Young Scientist)

    Andhra University, Dept Of Geology

    ► Ground Water Resources Development & Management in a Backward District of Srikakulam of Andhra Pradesh, India, sponsored by D.S.T. (Department of Science and Technology), New Delhi. (Ref. No: S.R./FTP/ES-64/2006)
    ► Assessment & Management of Potential Recharge zones in Aquifers in the context of conjunctive use of Water in Sarada River Basin of Visakhapatnam District of Andhra Pradesh,, India, Sponsored by D.S.T. (Department of Science and Technology), and New Delhi. (Ref. No: S.R./FTP/ES-06/2002)
    ► Assessment & Management of Ground Water Resources in parts of crystalline terrain of Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India, sponsored by D.S.T. (Department of Science and Technology), New Delhi. (Ref. No: ESS/72/023/98)
  • , Visakhapatnam

    Doctor of Phylosophy
    Geological/Hydrogeological - Awarded Doctor of Philosophy on "Occurrence and Geochemistry of Fluoride in Ground waters of a Typical Drought Prone Area of Andhra Pradesh, India" in1999 from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, India.
  • , Visakhapatnam

    Post Masteral Degree
  • , Visakhapatnam

    Masters Degree
  • , Visakhapatnam

    Bachelor of Science
    Geology, Physics and Chemistry

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    Geological/Hydrogeological/ Geotechnical/ Environmental

    About him

    An applied hydrogeologist /Geologist having a dynamic career with more than 14 years of experience in various aspects of soil, groundwater and environmental investigations, assessment remediation and management projects and programs. He has hands on experience in the design and supervision of hydrogeological investigations to determine aquifer and well properties, groundwater monitoring, dewatering and supply for both public and private sectors in India and Singapore. Successfully lead various projects for the assessment of water use, demand, development scenarios and water sustainability, and in the design and implementation of well field protection plans and identification of source vulnerability assessment and source water protection plans. Published his work in various international and national journals, which includes 5 in international journals and 11 in national journals, on the topics concerning hydrogeology, well hydraulics, hydro-geochemistry, hydro-geomorphology and groundwater qualities.

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