Prime Bañas

Prime Bañas

SEO Specialist, Singapore B2B Marketing Leads Generation


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Her background

  • Today
    October 2015

    SEO Specialist

    Singapore B2B Marketing Leads Generation

  • Today
    June 2014

    Email Specialist

    Callbox Iloilo

    Responsible for creating email marketing campaigns to promote a product or service. Determines target audience, devises campaign, and launches email campaign to create buzz or generate leads for the business

    Create email marketing campaigns to promote products or services.
    Ensure marketing message is conveyed clearly and delivered properly to prospects.
    Ensure messages are sent in proper form and template.
    Proofread emails for clarity, grammar, and spelling.
    Develop a personalization strategy.
    Include specific graphics, incentives, and detailed descriptions.
    Review messages for brevity.
    Send messages to those who have opted in for messages.
    Ensure messages are mobile-friendly.
    Create database of emails for lead generation.
    Follow up on interested respondents.
    Purge non-deliverable email addresses and opt-outs.
    Include persuasive 'call-to-actions' in advertisements and promotions.
    Place orders for products.
    Design and write press releases.
    Track and analyze direct and interactive marketing campaigns.
    Use statistical analysis and reports to create campaigns.
    Coordinate and monitor the maintenance, integrity, and security of several databases.
    Develop and code the list segmentation for all direct and interactive marketing campaigns and communicate requirements to the primary database vendor.
  • Today
    June 2014
    April 2014

    Email Profilling, Extracting (OJT)

    Callbox Iloilo

  • Computer Hardware Servicing NCII

    Deploma Of Information Technology

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Her skills

  • B2B Marketing
  • Sales
  • Marketing communications
  • Marketing
  • IT Management
  • Information Technology
  • Emailing
  • Email marketing advertising
  • Dance
  • Cloud Computing
  • Speaking

Her languages

  • Tagalog
    ****Mother tongue
  • English
  • Korean

    Her hobbies

    DancingB2B Lead GenerationMarket ResearchResearchingEmail BlastingInternetFacebookTwitterG+

    About her

    Researcher, Profiler, Blogger, Netizens.

    Her activity on Viadeo

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    Robert Johnson ll
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