Wilson Fyffe

Wilson Fyffe

President, Amplios Consultants Pte Ltd

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Currently employed at Amplios Consultants Pte Ltd

Previous: KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia, Oracle Corporation


Previous: Macquarie University



    I am a Consulting Futurist, which is an extension of my 40 years+ role as a Consulting Corporate Planner. My focus is on assisting investors, managers and government in assessment of the risks involved in investing in a new industry in a new location, new industry in existing location, existing industry in new location and existing industry in existing location. Research tells us that the greatest issue internationally today may be unemployment. This prevents new entrants to the workforce from building the savings required to try their hand at entrepreneurial activities. Since 80% of employment is provided by small businesses, this is of significant concern. Also, research tells us that 60% of new business startups will fail. This can be improved by better investment risk assessment. My own research has shown that the risk assessment tools available to entrepreneurs are significantly complex. This can be resolved by application of techniques and methods already known to industry in the assessment of risk in existing supply chains. I have named the method developed "Rapid Due Diligence". An explanation of Rapid Due Diligence can be found at my company's website: www.ampliosrisk.com. This website has posted on the home page an interview of myself by fellow consulting futurist and chaos theory researcher, Bruno Marion, who is based in Paris. One particular risk of current concern is in the migration of big data from one system to another, typically as a consequence of a merger or acquisition. My company has partnered with a Netherlands-based specialist, Key Knowledge Box, to support their solution in the Asia Pacific region. My clients, (more than 400) include major internationals such as Microsoft, Petronas, Caltex and Panasonic. I have been the Chairman of the Asia Pacific CFO Summit for 3 years and Chairman of the HR Technology Conference Asia conference in Bali, Indonesia in October 2016. My European clients have include Yoplait of France, Wella of Germany and British Petroleum. My projects have included visits to Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and UK. Recent developments internationally have increased the interest in foreign direct investment from Europe into the Asian region. I am very well placed to assist clients in this process, as I have worked in most Asian countries.



At Amplios Consultants Pte Ltd

From 2000 to Present

President Director International Consultants Indonesia


From November 1997 to December 1999
In charge of corporate recovery during the 1997 Asia Financial Crisis. Member of the Indonesian Banking Sector Recovery team established by the World Bank.

Managing Consultant

At PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia

From January 1988 to October 1996
In charge of development of a portfolio of strategic planning and governance projects in Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines. Major projects included performance improvement at British Petroleum, PLN (Indonesia Energy), Wendy's Hamburger, Yoplait Asia and Wella Asia.

Macquarie University, Sydney

BA double major in philosophy of economics, Macquarie University

From March 1975 to December 1980
This degree was studied before the collapse of the Soviet Union and included full coverage of Marxist communism


  • Asian Corporate Recovery
  • Asian Investment Studies
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Business process improvement
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Future Studies
  • Profitability
  • Risk management
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